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AvocadoAvocados are beautiful, broad, spreading, evergreen trees under natural conditions.  They are frost sensitive, but generally grow well in the Sydney basin.  The fruit ripens in autumn and winter.  They like a sunny, wind protected position.  They are grown for their fruit, for shade, and for their attractive appearance.

They are tolerant of very heavy pruning, and can be cut back to a 1 metre trunk, and will still thrive, therefore their size may be adjusted to suit available space.

"HASS" is a tall upright tree, which produces very good medium sized fruit with a medium thickness of skin.   "HASS" avocados are the variety usually on sale in fruit and vegetable stores.

For commercial production, usually cross pollinators are planted to optimize crop, however in the home garden, sufficient fruit is usually picked from one tree without a pollinator.

Avocados like a well-drained soil, rich in organic matter, with near perfect drainage to avoid the chance of root rot.  They should be kept moist and well mulched, and fed with a nitrogenous fertilizer, such as Organic Life, especially during the first year.   

Avocados raised from seed may not duplicate the parent, and may take many, many years to fruit.

It is better to plant grafted specimens.  Avid root disturbance and apply fertilizer a little at a time over a long period rather than a lot at once.   They are susceptible to root rot diseases - hence the requirement for good drainage.

Thrip, fruit fly, red scale, and aphids may attack, and should be sprayed accordingly, with an organic pest control product.



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